Biggest Life Insurance Mistakes

For most people, buying life insurance is difficult enough, even when it’s done right. But when it is done with only one eye open, or haphazardly just to ‘get it over with’, mistakes are very common, and they can be very expensive.

Why Financial Planning is an Absolute Necessity for Everyone

What to Get and Not Get for Mother's Day

Mother's treasure absolutely anything that they get for Mother's Day - misspelled cards, pot holders with palm prints, and paper flowers. Mother's would never say that they didn't want a certain gift - so we will take the guesswork out of the worst Mothers' Day gift ideas:

The worst...

[VIDEO BLOG] The Cost of Waiting to Save


What To Do When You Win the Lottery

If you’re human you couldn’t possibly have avoided thoughts of what you might do if you had won the recent Mega Millions lottery of over $640 million.

Dimensional Origins

Chairman and Co-CEO David Booth and others talk about Dimensional’s founding and its close ties to the academic community.


Applying Science to Investing

This video underscores how science and innovation not only impacts our health and communication but also what we know about investing and how money makes money.

Dimensional Introduction

A brief video introduction to one of our most valued partners, Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).


Stock Market Volatility is Your Friend

The progress pattern of the stock market is always “two steps forward and one step back”.  We have been telling clients for months that eventually there will be another stock market “correction”.  The S&P 500 posted an all-time high about four weeks ago and is down about 7.5% since then. 

Financial Planning for Your 20s

When you’re in your twenties, change is a way of life. You’re choosing a career, paying your own bills, getting your own place to live and perhaps making decisions about marriage and family.

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